Here's a sample of the farm products we raise.

Tastier Chicken

Our happy healthy birds live the best life outside and you can taste the difference! 

Over at the New Food Economy, they reviewed published research concluding that birds on pasture that moved around more "were  consistently found to be “juicier,” “more tender,” and “less fibrous.”"  We don't know about you but more tender and juicer chicken makes our mouths water.  Take it from us (and the experts) pastured chicken just makes a better more enjoyable product.

Healthier Chicken

Research has shown that pasture raised chickens have 21% less fat and 30% less saturated fat when compared to conventionally raised birds.  The same research also showed that pasture raised chickens contained 50% Vitamin A.  

Happier Chicken

Our chickens are raised on pasture in modified Suscovich chicken tractors that move everyday so that our birds get fresh pasture (and bugs!) to forage on.  The chickens have space to take dust bathe, places to perch, plenty of water, food, sun and shelter.  Very importantly, our chickens are protected from predators such as possums, hawks, owls, foxes and raccoons.  Sometimes, it seems like everything wants to eat our chickens!  Below John Suscovich explains his design.

In the future we intend to experiment with various day ranging setups to give the chickens even more freedom.