Raw Wild Flower Honey

The 'sweet side' of Salt and Pepper Farm.

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Tasty Raw Wild Flower Honey

Our busy bees collect honey for themselves and for you!  Simple and sweet, just the way nature intended.  

SeriousEats writes "Good honey is just as layered and complex as wine, chocolate, and olive oil, and just as deserving of our appreciation." This is only true for raw honey.  Most honey "is accumulated from thousands of colonies, then boiled down until all its dynamic flavors are distilled to one word: sweet. But the raw stuff, harvested at peak season and bottled without a lick of heat? That honey is liquid gold."

Our honey is unique to the region because it the bees collect the honey from the Montpelier area and the local flowers found there.

Healthy Honey

In many ways raw local honey is a wonder food.  It takes great, may reduce allergies (see below), works as a natural cough medicine, contains good antioxidants and as a sugar substitute.    


Honey has been shown to reduce allergy symptoms.  As Dr. Mercola explains,

"Locally produced honey, which will contain pollen spores picked up by the bees from local plants, introduces a small amount of allergen into your system. Theoretically, this can activate your immune system and over time can build up your natural immunity against it.

The typical recommendation is to take about a teaspoon-full of locally produced honey per day, starting a few months PRIOR to the pollen season, to allow your system to build up immunity. And the key here is local.

This approach only works because it has pollen of local plants you may be allergic to. Honey from other parts of the country simply won't work. While research on this has yielded conflicting results, one study found that, during birch pollen season, compared to the control group, the patients using birch pollen honey experienced:11

  • 60 percent reduction in symptoms
  • Twice as many asymptomatic days
  • 70 percent fewer days with severe symptoms
  • 50 percent decrease in usage of antihistamines"


Happy Bees

We raise our bees outdoors in bee hives and they have the freedom to roam for miles to locate all the wild flowers they want to grow their hives.  We work hard to help the bees be successful by protecting them from bears with electrified fencing, avoiding spraying of chemicals and avoiding disturbing successful hives.